The Ivory Serpents ( conclusion)

After diving head first into the under ground tunnels used by the Ivory Serpents, the group found themselves trap in between the a group of thugs whom they had already killed? and a strange creature with wings like a bat and skin as red as blood. Later revealed to be a cambion working for the powerful devils, the group soon met and a deal was struck for the devils needed aide in kill the corrupted king of Dorme and to take back there city. The Devils revealed as Abaddon the sorceress of Change, Typhus Disciple of Undeath and Kharn the bloody. These Devils gave the party each a mark of they’re infernal Gods. Calem took the mark of Tzeentch, Zaun Was giving the mark of Khorne and Seras was giving the Mark of Nurgle. Unfortunately these gift have some downsides to them as well, also it appears the Black Rose Order is Now hunting them and killed Galem the smith who was being so kind to them and Cyrus.

The Ivory Serpent

The group after defeating the crazed apothecary and his creation, they found he was working for the mysterious gang they had encountered earlier when they first entered the city of Dorme. Now with the black rose leading an investigation. What will the group do? All things considered Some dark things seem to be happening in the city of Dorme.


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